Asciugamani ad aria Dryflow BulletDri con filtro HEPA - (acciaio inossidabile)

High performance and energy efficient

The ability to turn off the heating element makes this already energy efficient unit even more energy efficient. Running without heat means that the cost of ownership is very low. No one is disappointed with the drying times provided at any setting, while a beam of blue light illuminating the hand guides the user towards efficient drying.

High-end brushless motor option available

Includes a superior long lasting motor compared to that found in most other hand dryers. Brushless motors offer a number of benefits, including maintenance-free brushes that wear out over time, increased efficiency that uses less energy per rotation, quieter operation, and longer life. The brushless motor is good for 5000 hours of continuous use!

The optional brushless motor option provides 5 times the life of the standard version and all the same great features for heavy use facilities such as airports. Of course, you can significantly extend motor life in a small building with this brushless option.

Bonus: Noise Reduction Knob

Loud noises can scare young children and vulnerable adults and prevent them from using a hand dryer. Noise transfer to other rooms can be annoying to others as well. This electric hand dryer has a knob to adjust the noise level of the motor to the precise level required.

Ultra slim profile

The amount of space available in a bathroom can limit product choices. At just 100mm deep, this hand dryer takes up very little space. This reduces the chances of bumping into him, or bumping into other people, in tight spaces. Plus, it looks great since it doesn't protrude too far from the wall.

Standard HEPA filter

Cleaning the bathroom is essential. A high-quality HEPA filter purifies the air drawn into the hand dryer. Only clean air is blown on your hands.

Robust and resistant to vandalism

This is a unit made for places where abuse might occur, keeping your hand dryers in service. The long life motor is protected by a thick stainless steel cover. The slim profile protects against shady characters hanging around the unit.

*Carbon neutral hand dryers

Together with ClimatePartner (, Dryflow measured the carbon emissions that

Blowing Volume 130 m/3 per ora
Dimensions H 321 x W 286 x D 100 (mm)
Drying Time 10-15 seconds
Weight 3.5 kg
Air Velocity 100m/s

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Asciugamani ad aria Dryflow BulletDri con filtro HEPA - (acciaio inossidabile)

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